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Every year, unknowingly, we pass the anniversary of our future death.

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this is so calming wow

It’s terrifying to me
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how is this going to get almost 200k notes, it was taken at the college cafe at 10am

because everyone who’s reblogging it is thinking wow I know exactly where I’d prefer you at 10am

how do you look like a greece god at 10am, how


the piercing, the eyebrows, the eyes, the jaw line. are you the epitome of beauty?
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pros to buying a pizza: pizza

cons to buying a pizza: buying

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i am constantly torn between ‘i dont need anyone’ and ‘hey you please fall in love with me’

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two things I assume everybody has extensive knowledge about

  • harry potter
  • high school musical
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1. When you cut yourself, clean and bandage it.

2. Do not start smoking cigarettes because the boy who broke your heart does.

3. When you want to kill yourself, don’t.

4. Cutting calories doesn’t do anything but make you unhappy.

5. If the number on the scale rises, throw it out.

6. The first girl you ever “date” is going to call the police on you even though she lives three thousand miles away, because you’re going to tell her that you’re not in a good mental state shortly after you’ve “broken up”.

7. When you want to kill yourself, don’t.

8. Break up with the boy who says, “You had a sexy phase!” when you tell him that you’ve dated a girl before.

9. Dating your friends is not always the best idea, but you can still be friends after you’ve broken up.

10. Your mother will try to become your best friend because you’re leaving for college soon, let her.

11. When you want to kill yourself, don’t.

12. Your closest friend will stop talking to you when you leave for college.

13. It’s always okay to cry.

14. When you want to kill yourself, don’t.

15. When you cut yourself again, clean and bandage it. Do not be ashamed.

16. Your anxiety is going to try and control your entire life. Tell it to shut the hell up, because you’re trying to live and that task is hard enough as it is.

17. The past has a funny way of coming back in the form of you developing a crush on another friend.

18. Try not to hate yourself for breaking up with your boyfriend.

19. If you’re still smoking, apologize silently to your mother.

20. When you want to kill yourself, don’t.

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someone somewhere is meeting the love of their life right now and that’s pretty cool

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