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Artist: UnknownParamore
Title: UnknownAll I Wanted
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so this morning i was playing with the slow-mo mode on my phone, hoping to get a majestic vid of a bumblebee taking off
but instead i found this dumbfuck

Pollen 2 dank
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Artist: Unknown
Title: UnknownVic's Speech
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Just a pool, disguised as a pond, with a trampoline instead of a diving board.
I wrote a paper about these kinds of pools several years ago for a class when they were just prototypes. These pools have a natural filtration system that run based on the plants that are in the pool that give the water nutrients that allow it to not only be crystal clear, but you are also able to drink the water because it becomes so clean. And the best part is that once the initial filtration system is installed and calibrated, it maintains itself and eliminates the need for chlorine or constant maintenance like salt water pools. 
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Why cello there

This has 130 notes.Y’all need to chill this wasn’t that funny

This is the post that put me over 500 followers. I hate everything
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